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Higgins and Hooper, the perfect pair.

Higgins road construction division were installing road barrier systems along the centre of the Napier Express way using a vibrating head type post rammer. The problem was, it tended to be slow, and the rig was very wide. This meant for traffic control, they had to block one full lane and have traffic flowing on way at a time. This created traffic backlogs and took many extra staff to manage. They wanted a post installer that fitted to the boom of their excavator. Then they could drive down the centre of the road with the traffic flowing each side.

The Solution
The Higgins management team approached Hoopercivil with their problem and the development team at Hoopercivil started brainstorming. A number of solutions tabled with Higgins were discussed until both teams decided on the best option. This was a modified post driver that used a recirculating hydraulic system which meant the post driver does not need a special case drain back to the excavator. This makes it very simple to attach and operate.

The Fence System
The road fence, which has the wire ropes, has two parts to the post. A length of galvanized pipe hit into the ground, and the actual post, which hold the wires, fits inside this pipe.

The research and development team at Farmgear designed a special system to hold the pipe while installing. This system supported the post, allowing it to be hit it right down until it is flush with the road surface. 

Faster and more efficient
The Hoopercivil VBI4300 worked as planned, with improved traffic management and faster install times per post. The rig has proven to be reliable and easy to use. For other projects, mounting the VBI4300 to a tractor is another option, which makes the unit very versatile.

For more information, contact the team at Hoopercivil on 0800 36 27 76 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.