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PILE-X 550C Pile Driver 

Take your piling work to the next level with the purpose built Pile-X 550C Piledriver. Featuring a 5.0m Mast, 500kg Hammer, Hydraulic Angle Adjustment and utilising the latest in Farmgear's post driver hydraulic circuit technology, this piledriver will simply get piles in the ground faster and easier than ever before. 

A very versatile Pile Driver

The Hooper Pile-X-550C is a specialist excavator mounted pile driver, purpose built for a variety of piling applications. It is fully controlled from the cab of the excavator, which prevents the need for an operator to be in the work zone. 

The Pile-X 550C is simple to attach and operate, requiring only one hydraulic circuit and a 12V or 24V electrical supply, normally using the cigarette lighter socket.  A case drain 3/8”or larger is also required.

Simple Controller
A dedicated wiring loom has a control box for the operator and runs along the boom to the Pile-X-550C. The control box triggers a diverter valve which switches the controls between hammer lift/drop and tilt.

This means the Hooper Pile-X-550C can be transferred between excavators quickly and efficiantly, making it a very versatile peice of equipment for civil contractors. 

Why use a Hooper Pile-X-550C Pile driver?

The Pile-X-550C has a 5-metre mast and a 500KG hammer, which falls without restriction, transferring enormous driving force into the pile. It is the perfect machine for house piling and retaining walls with timber piles, which require a large amount of energy to drive them into the ground.

Drop-Hammer piledrivers suit a wide range of tasks and are specified by Civil Engineers as the approved method of measuring the set of the pile. The Pile-X 550C is in the sweet spot, as a 500kg hammer is most commonly specified by Civil Engineers for this application.

Using vibrating plate pile drivers are another common method, however these are limited by the amount of downforce the excavator can put onto the pile, and cannot be used to measure the set specified by the engineer.

Where can this be used:

Retaining Walls
Perfect for installing both timber and steel pile retaining walls. 

House Piles
Speed up any house piling job with a Pile-X 550c. The old method of drilling holes and concrete are over!

Hooper Piledrivers are ideal for driving posts in vineyards. Contact the team today to find out why.


You haven’t heard from me due to the piling attachment being bloody fantastic. 

We have driven approx. 760 lineal metres of 250UC in 4,6,and 8m lengths on a single retaining wall structure for NZTA, and several house sites with 250 SED (small end diameter) posts up to 6m in length.

James Chapman
CW Drilling & Investigation Ltd