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PILE-X-550CG Pile Driver with Grapple

Pile-X-550CG Pile Driver with Grapple

This is the ultimate machine when it comes to drop-hammer piledriving. 

The Pile-X-550CG combines our 550C Pile driver with a powerful hydraulic hinging grapple. This allows one operator to:

1. Grab.

2. Rotate.

3. Drive.

4. Set.

All with just 1 excavator. A much faster and safer method for an often difficult and time consuming task requiring multiple excavators and operators.

Key specifications.

• 5.0 m mast

• 500kg block/hammer

• Side tilt (hydraulic)

• Hydraulic Hinging Grapple

• HD Pilecap (optional)

• Can Drive 100-250mm SED Piles

• Adjustable foot

Features and Benefits

• Hinging grapple means you can keep the piledriver upright which picking up piles, which gives better balance. 

• Grapple hinges fully out of the way to allow piledriver to drive to ground. 

• 1 machine operation – save on cost with labor and machines.

• Safety – you don’t need someone around it, and you have grapple holding the pile.

• Efficiency

• Versatility (post size, can ram in tight spots, hard ground/soft ground etc.

• Full operation from the cab

Common uses

• House Piling

• Industrial/Commercial piles

• Retaining Walls

• Orchard development (ie shelter belts and end posts)

Technical Specifications

Suits Piles:

Wood or steel 

Pile Sizes:

Up to 250mm SED (Timber Pile)

Hydraulic Requirements:
  • Recommended Flow: 40-60L/Minute
  • Recommended Pressure: 2500 psi
  • 2x Hydraulic circuits (2-way)
  • Case drain to tank
Electrical Requirements:
  • Compatible with 12 or 24V Systems
  • Electrical Cable from Piledriver to Control Box in Cab (Cable & Control Box are supplied with machine).
Machine compatibility

10-25 Tonne Excavators

Pile Driver Weight

1500 KG

Digger Hitch

Custom built to fit your Excavator

Remote Control Box in Cab

Tilt, block lift/drop, and grapple open/close, Rotate.